Goldenworks is a music production company of Timo Tolkki that is actively looking for talented artists.

The main objective is to form a collaborative relationship and harness the talents of the artist/band and ultimately produce a master tape, which will be then offered to several record companies. Goldenworks has excellent contacts around the globe and its main headquarters resides in Hong Kong. It is a global music company.

We have several songwriters and producers in our team and we possess facilities and knowledge to make you succesful if you have what it takes: talent and hard work.

To the contrary of Timo Tolkki’s reputation, Goldenworks is NOT looking for heavy metal bands or artists. Please do not send us any material if you represent this genre.

Here you find our interests and what we are expecting from you:

  • We are looking for good singers with good appeal for success. You must be hungry yet humble. You must be focused and willing to spend time in developing your career. Maybe you don’t quite know what to do with your voice and career. We can help you.
  • We are looking for artists and bands from the following genres: Pop, Rock, Dance Music, J-Rock, K-Rock. Basically we are interested in good singers who are ready to work on their careers.
  • The languages must be either English or Finnish.

If you are interested in what we can offer you, please send us some MP3’s and photos of yourself to [email protected]

We will get in touch with you if we are interested. It does not matter where you live since we are functioning globally. So please do not hesitate to send in material no matter where you live.