Studiotolkki is a state of the art mixing and mastering studio in Helsinki Finland. It utilizes the latest digital technology for best possible sound.

Please take a look at our website: for a detailed info about the equipment, services and prices.

We are specialiced to so called online mixing. This is how it works:

Let’s say you have a band in Brazil and you want to have that great Stratovarius sound that Timo Tolkki is known for when he was producing Episode, Visions and Infinite albums of Stratovarius.

You think it is too expensive for your band but it is not. We are accommodative to the budgets of the bands and we want you to write to us and communicate.

So you go to a local studio in Brazil and record your album or songs.

Then you send the files to Studiotolkki and we mix and master them for you. This is done by Timo Tolkki himself.

The service is very popular so you do have to wait sometimes, but it is worth to wait.

Using the method of online mixing, it does not matter where your band is located. You just record your music where you live and send us the files. Easy!

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Don’t let distance to be an obstacle for a great sound for your music!